A new planet, a new universe

A new planet, a new universe

The new fragrance by Marc-Antoine Barrois is finally here.

"ENCELADE" is the new fragrance by the Parisian couture-label Marc-Antoine Barrois. Marc-Antoine once again collaborated with Givaudan perfumer Quentin Bisch on his new creation. Bisch always seems to have his finger on the zeitgeist with his creations. With ENCELADE, the two have once again created a modern classic. The fragrance is inspired - like its predecessor Ganymede - by an unreal but familiar planet. The DNA of the fragrance is again a leather creation, but it is able to convince with unusual combinations of sharp rhubarb, milky sandalwood, leather and animal nuances. In short: this fragrance is full of exciting contrasts.

We are absolutely blown away by what has beeb here again.

>> ENCELADE – Eau de Parfum

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