Florascent Apothecary

In the tradition of 17th-century European perfumery, Florascent Perfume Manufacture presents an exquisite collection of natural fragrances named Florascent Parfumeurs.

Staying true to this legacy, our manufacture uses precious floral essences and carefully crafted plant macerations. Employing gentle distillation and extraction methods, these materials retain their authenticity and radiance.

Beyond mastering traditional production, creating natural fragrances requires deep expertise in handling rare ingredients. With two decades as a perfumer and vast knowledge of scents, Roland Tentunian infuses his character into the compositions.

Under his guidance, the dream of reviving 17th-century European perfumery comes to life. Each flask is hand-filled, sealed, and wrapped—Florascent Parfumeurs' signature.

The result is a sensory masterpiece—a tribute to the "Belle Epoque," inviting you to immerse in captivating fragrances, beauty, and elegance.
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