Skandinavisk's story unfurls with the intriguing tale of Shaun, an inquisitive Englishman who was captivated by a fair-haired Scandinavian gardener and forever changed. United by shared affection for Scandinavia, Gerry, another English emigrant, joined the venture, while Line, a Danish designer, skillfully wove their collective experiences into our distinct design narrative.

Established in 2012, our fragrant collections for both home and body draw from over two decades of traversing the Nordic expanse. These nuanced scents reflect the facets of Scandinavia cherished by locals and celebrated as exotic by the world. We intertwine them with color, symbols, and a singular local word laden with significance, crafting impressions of Scandinavia that are truly unique.

Living as a Scandinavian embodies more than just geographical origin; it's a mindset, an ethos that governs how you interact with others and the environment. It's about treasuring what nature offers. This ethos serves as a guiding light. In a world that's increasingly attuned to louder voices, Skandinavisk advocates for embracing the wisdom of quieter ones. We firmly believe that adopting a more Scandinavian approach to life offers a roadmap towards a brighter future.
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