Aroma Spray – Eucalyptus


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Aroma Spray – Eucalyptus | 30 ml
100% essential eucalyptus oil from portugal and natural ingredients

Aroma sprays - single fragrances to feel good. The fragrances are particularly suitable for use in aromatherapy, as a room fragrance, for the use in diffusers, as a laundry spray or as a pure natural perfume for direct application to the skin. They can be worn as single scents, or as a customized natural perfume consisting of two to three individual scents, which are simply sprayed on top of each other.

Fragrance description:
Fresh and active.
Eucalyptus is commonly known as a fresh, activating, camphor-like fragrance.

Use: Headnote

Combination suggestion:
Eucalyptus works particularly well with bergamot, rose and lavender.

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