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Cœur de Pétales – Eau de Parfum

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Cœur de Pétales – Eau de Parfum

An airy and colorful bouquet, a deliciously contagious joie de vivre.

mood: joyful and passionate. signature: a hint of mischief, an irresistible energy.
fragrance: a floral bouquet with rose and lychee, enhanced by subtle spicy notes of sichuan pepper, as fresh and light as a burst of a laughter.

Olfactory family: Floral fruity
Head notes: bergamot, litchi, sichuan pepper
Heart notes: freesia, rose, lily of the valley
Base notes: raspberry, almond

Perfumer: Dorothee Piot


About L’Atelier Parfum
L’Atelier Parfum is a creator of emotions. Each encounter with a perfume is a precious, and sometimes even moving, moment suspended in time. It is at once ephemeral and eternal. The deepest art of perfume is its ability to reveal the intimate and the indescribable. It is a narrator of stories, which translates who we are, who we want to be, and how we want to be seen. It is a conscious choice that reveals our beliefs. By giving free reign to creativity, L’Atelier Parfum creates perfumes inspired by deep human emotions.

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