Mirko Buffini

KLITO´ – Eau de Parfum

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KLITO´ – Eau de Parfum by Mirko Buffini

Irispink and persuasive name, ironic and silken, peremptory and scathing in reigner of rye house. An eclectrically capricious fragrance: the subtle purple pleasure of the occurred feofendale fulfillment, beyond everything else.

Do not forget me! Easy to say. Happens, not always, but happens, to be surprised listening or reading a written unknown word, never listened before, never read. apparently. A secret and intimate term that we discover, smiling, it belongs to us: even through the wonder it remains. For a moment we are like hanging. the game has been understand, yes, but not likely through the end. no, it can’t be like this! but it is like that: KLITO´.

And after that, soonafter, to remove any doubt, we deposit a flux of perfume on the fragile wrist of the left hand: in a moment, the red stench of a lipstick since 1952 confuses us and enhances: sensual, deep, intense, enveloping: the chromatic fragrance KLITO´.

oriental floral
Head notes: aldehydic notes, bergamot
Heart notes: carnation, violet, ylang-ylang, rose
Base notes: vanilla, cedar wood, musk