Mirko Buffini

MOXI – Eau de Parfum

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MOXI – Eau de Parfum by Mirko Buffini

Peccadilla and bergamot courtesan, was the musky favorite of the cruel imperator Zhou, 1750 b.c. Sandalwood fragrance interpreter of the essence of tonic kamasutra. Junikiro Tanizaki used to sense the scent, alone, standing, in front of the mirror. A rosy aroma, magnetic, compelling.

Famous japanese courtesan lover of the imperator Zhou. About her, sadly, we do not know the secret arts of the thalamus, we only know that the arcane peculiar of her love performances were quoted by famous writers such as banana yoshimoto,

Junikiro Tanizaki, Jasunari Kawabata, Yukio Mishima, Haruki Murakami. We can only imagine, with resigned resignation, which were the seductive virtues of a geisha capable to confuse the imperator, unknown details capable of transforming Moxi in a millenary figure of pleasure. One question, at this time, arises! Which perfume could it be! Moxi, without doubt! An olfactory voluptuous composition, a flirty fragrance, suggested by the Mirko Buffini Firenze brand, to allow any woman to dress a trail of desire.

Olfactory Family: floral woody musk
Head notes: japanese sake, bergamot
Heart notes: rose petals, water illy
Base notes: amber, sandal wood, musk

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