Saba Aromatics

Oudh Incense

33.0g | €106.06 / 100g

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50 Pieces

The queen of scent Aloeswood (Oudh).

These noble agarwood incense flow- ers are made from ground - not pre-distilled - agarwood. It is a pure and rare natural product. These incense flowers smell balsamic-sweet with a smoky note. Agarwood (Oudh) is a dark, sublime and mystical fragrance experience. Simply light a flower until small embers appear and place in a fireproof bowl or on smoking sand and enjoy. The burning time is 15 minutes. It unfolds a space-filling, particularly intense fragrance that can still be perceived the next day. A special companion for quiet and relaxing moments. saba™ aromatics Nitscha 91, 8200 Gleisdorf Aquilaria crassna (Aloeswood/Oudh) From sustainable cultivation. Harvested with respect for culture and people.

50 pc. (about 33 g)
burning time per incense 20-25 min. 

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