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Memory Motel - Eau de Parfum

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Memory Motel - Eau de Parfum

When Andy Warhol was planning to move near the Hamptons, he admitted to having chosen Montauk for the outdated and slightly kitsch architecture of the Memory Motel (still in operation), with its Tiki, Tudor, and very Motel 6 features.

Warhol becomes an anchor point, a lighthouse for an entire generation of artists. He rented his mansion for a summer to the Rolling Stones, who were rehearsing for their tour and pre-recording what would be one of their greatest albums, ‘Black and Blue’, which included the melancholy ballad ‘Memory Motel’.

This eponymous perfume is our burning tribute to those restless, turbulent times. An androgynous perfume with notes of tobacco wrapped in patchouli leaves, pierced with a touch of vanilla.

Olfactory Family: Woody Chypre
Top Notes:
Heart Notes: Iris - Incens - Carnation
Base Notes: Mosses - Patchouli - Vanilla - Tobacco - Leather

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