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Rose America - Eau de Parfum

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Rose America - Eau de Parfum

In ‘The Little Prince’, St-Exupery writes, “Go and see the roses again. You will understand that yours is unique in this world.”

The dunes of Montauk witness the blossoming of the Rosa Rugosa, a special rose that is whipped by sea spray and exposed to the ravages of time. It becomes naturally marine, peppery and salty.

Let’s close our eyes for just an instant. There is a house facing the ocean. It’s summertime. Turn the key; there is silence and darkness. The shudders open toward the light and you blink at the sun. Upstairs, the first bedrooms start to come to life. The windows open and suddenly a scent surprises you. A rosy breeze blends with the clean smell of fresh sheets. It’s the beginning of a long month of vacation and creating memories.

This confident rose, an integral part of a savage landscape, is what we have tamed.

If over the course of one night, the starry sky transformed into a bouquet of fifty roses ….This is how ‘Rose America’ came to be. A dream becomes a feminine perfume.

Olfactory Family: Floral
Top Note:
 Raspberry - Sea Spray Absolute
Heart Note: Bulgarian Rose Absolute - Carnation
Base Note: Heliotrope - Ambrette Seed

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