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Scented sachets – Tuileries Palais-Royal | 2 scented sachets, 0.07oz

Strolling through Parisian gardens is a wonder of every moment. Away from the noises of the bustling city, time holds its course. And along the tree-lined walkways, paved with flowers, the mind begins to dream. The Tuileries Palais-Royal scented sachets, from Hyacinth & Bouquet notes are inspired by these cherished moments where each memory has its own fragrance, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Tucked away in a bag, a drawer or a suitcase, Kerzon fragranced polo shirts release their subtle and mesmerizing fragrance over several weeks to gently scent your linen, drawers and precious belongings.

Scent: hyacinth & springflower bouquet