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SABA – Eau de Parfum by Mirko Buffini

Saba, regal and golden: cedarish and spicy wraps the lucrezian and ohmsan nature. A fragrance thief of fire: sinuous, citronish and eloquent, mirage of a luminescent allure of „nur“. dream of a midsummer night. also...

Historical derivation. Queen of Saba is an antonomasia expression: a way of saying. The mystery wraps the existence and the beauty of a sovereign of the kingdom of Saba mentioned in the first book of the kings, in the second of the chronicles, in the koran, in the nagast, an ancient ethiopian text which according to it her name was machedà, meanwhile arabic sources call her bilgis. Machedà - bilgis - queen of saba: very rich woman, of extreme beauty that burned the look of the unwary and stunned pretender.

We imagine her arcane, disheveled and imperative, lying on silk of the royal yellow thalamus, waiting to exist, like us, scented of saba.

Olfactory Family: Oriental Vanilla
Head notes: bergamot, lavandino, coffee
Heart notes: liquorice, cedar, spicy notes
Base notes: amber, tonka bean, vanilla, patchouli