Dear Rose

Chantal, the mother, Alexandra, the daughter, two worlds one universe. Chantal, perfume, Alexandra, music, and the indissoluble link that joins mother and daughter. Family history?… absolutely… but not only.

Chantal begins 1976 at Yves Saint-Laurent years of development, efficiency . she «created » with him the mythical perfumes of his brand: Opium, Kouros, Paris, Jazz. Later, in her search for perfection she was led to Japan, Issey Miyake, L’eau d’Issey. Back in Paris she created with Jean-Paul Gaultier his classic perfumes JPG’s classic, Le Mâle.

Alexandra Roos is a singer and musician - known for her contemporary chansons style. And then, one morning’s inspiration, « and if we work together? », the music, the perfumes , the talent, the know-how and the love ; and the two women talked about the good luck of working together. DEAR ROSE was born to celebrate women , « woman » forever…

Dear Rose tells in stories the multiples facets of eternal femininity. Dear Rose is the beginning of a letter, a beginning of a story…

Fabrice Pellegrin was born in 1969 in Grasse, from a perfumer father. He begun as a trainee perfumer at Robertet, where he learnt all the aspects of his future job. Fabrice uses his life experience and encountersas an inspiration to enrich and forge his style, with a tendency for naturals and an “oriental” signature influenced by emblematic scents. He has a preference for short, clear, crisp and well-structured formulas. Today, he is a perfumer at Firmenich’s and still collects “niche” and rare perfumes. He’s signed all Dear Rose’s fragrances.
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