saba aromatics

The name saba™ aromatics is inspired from the legendary kingdom of Sheba (Saba) whose archaeological remains can be found in what is now southern Yemen and in the province of Dhofar in Oman.The legendary kingdom and its queen are often associated with oriental splendor, exotic fragrances, sensuality, an enormous wealth of incense and all it‘s temptations of the ancient Orient. saba is a homage to the native people living in our original territories, who still are the shepards of all the raw materials that we love. 

saba™ aromatics is created to bring back meaningful moments into our lifes by embracing daily rituals. We value the importance of spending time for slowing down and enjoying silent moments. The pace in the world became to fast and we dare to be slow down again. 

Some light incense during meditation and yoga to help sooth the mind. Others appreciate the healing properties of the essential oils contained and use the resins for medical purpose. Some use it just for pleasure, or to stimulate creativity, aid sleep, relax or purify the air. 

Awaken your senses with the rarest and most exclusive frankincense, aromatic woods and resins that our world has to offer. Sustainably produced and sourced with respect for people and culture.

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