Sous le Manteau

Sous Le Manteau brings back to life an ancestral vision of love which memory still whispers between the pages of forgotten grimoires.

It is by discovering formulae for aphrodisiac potions in a 19th century pharmacopoeia that Olivia Bransbourg conceived Sous Le Manteau as a confidential perfume house dedicated to the exaltation of the body through its most subtle sense. She thus instructed Nathalie Feisthauer to recreate and sublimate five aphrodisiac formulae, freeing them of their temporality to reveal their timeless essence of love.

Her work resulted in a collection of five unisex fragrances that recently won the Fragrance Foundation UK, Best Newcomer Award 2020. Five unique, arousing and addictive proposals, all produced in Grasse using the finest raw materials available. Five expressions of yesterday's love transfigured by the olfactory language of today.
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