Une Nuit Nomade

The tale of Alexandra and Philippe unfolds against the backdrop of their collaboration at Universal Music. Alexandra, holding the role of Artistic Director, and Philippe, the Marketing Director, found themselves drawn to broader horizons, seeking fresh passions, and nurturing the spark of independence. Their aspirations urged them towards alternative paths of creation. Their rendezvous was a symphony of travel, poetry, spirituality, and nature—elements they wished to intertwine with genuine ethics.

Following their departure from Universal, Philippe embarked on a journey into the realm of Shiatsu, immersing himself in this Japanese energy massage technique inspired by the wisdom of Chinese medicine. The allure of Asian heritage continues to cast its spell upon him.

For Alexandra, travel transcends a mere itch to explore; it metamorphoses into a life philosophy. Perpetually steering clear of the familiar, she traverses continents and globe, ever-seeking the offbeat routes. At the tender age of 20, she donned a backpack and embarked on a quest for vistas that resonate with discreet luxury.

Within the inception of 'Une Nuit Nomade,' their vision materializes—an embodiment of French elegance, narrative artistry, and an affinity for ever-shifting landscapes. This venture serves as a beckon for a distinct sensory odyssey, an olfactory voyage into a realm where the interplay of nature and opulence is harmonious.
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