J - Eau de Parfum

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J - Eau de Parfum

Japan is a fascinating and culturally rich country. Its millennial history, establish on grounded habits and an exemplary way of life, transpire calmness and delicacy combined with a great sense of humility, dignity and moral strength.

Enveloping like a silk kimono, J is the perfect dress for those looking for fineness and sophistication. Embrace yourself with this discreet fragrance going along the whole day.


J opens with a fresh and sparkling head of Lime and Neroli, reminiscent of Japanese creativity, combined with a basic material appeal: water. The Sakura flower lend brightness and elegance to the heart while the enveloping dry-down of rice powder and cashmere summon ancient traditions.

Olfactory family: Floral
Top notes: Neroli, mandarin, lime
Heart note: Sakura flower, orange flower absolue, rose
Base note: Cashmere wood, rice powder, musk

Perfumer: Fanny Bal

Signature note: SAKURA FLOWER (Cherry Blossom)
Smell: praised for its ephemeral beauty for centuries, cherry blossom is the Japanese symbol. The season of sakura blossom’s blooms, called Hanami, is the most popular season in Japan.
Origin: in Japan, cherry blossoms symbolized clouds, due to the fact that it blooms en masse, creating soft clouds over the trees. With a long period of flowering followed by a short period as a flower, cherry blossom symbolized the ephemeral nature of life, commonly used to represent mortality in artistic representations.

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