Scent Intense - Eau de Parfum

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Scent Intense - Eau de Parfum BY CoSTUME NATIONAL

A unique modern creation with a distinctive and strong character.
Reinterpretation of amber, one of the noblest ingredients in perfumery, SCENT INTENSE marked the beginning of a new trend in the amber-woody olfactive family.

Just like a black leather jacket, SCENT INTENSE has a punk rock soul. Bold and never out-of-place, it envelops and intoxicates the senses, while maintaining its strong, yet unpredictable character. A must-have garment in the wardrobe of every man.


Magnetic and sensual, SCENT INTENSE opens with elegant notes of bergamot and jasmine tea. The sensual and deep note of Bulgarian rose plays with the luminosity of hibiscus and jasmine, creating intriguing contrasts.
The punk-rock base notes of amber and woods leave their mark, making Scent Intense an unmistakable unisex fragrance.

Olfactory family: Oriental Woody
Top Note: Bergamot, cardamom, green tea
Heart Note: Jasmine sambac, eastern rose, mother-of-pearl hibiscus
Base Note: Ambergris, vanilla, leather, sandalwood, patchouli

Signature note: Ambergris
Smell: amber, musky, animal, marine powdery (seaweed)
Origin: Gray amber, not to be confused with yellow amber (fossilized resin of vegetable origin), is secreted by the Sperm Whale, which then releases it into the sea, where it must remain for a long time before releasing its characteristic smell. Considered as precious as gold, it has been traded since 1000 BC. Ambergris is sourced in New Caledonia, where it runs aground on the beach during floods.

Perfumer: Laurent Bruyere
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