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Hyalomiel - Moisturizing Gel


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Hyalomiel Gel

Moisturizes, soothes and refrehes
Hyalomiel, the Original, the inimitable Hyaline jelly, has been nurturing your beauty and your looks for more than a century. With organic honey from France (Garrigue)

For the care of your hands & your feet
Despite the seasons, retain the freshness of your complexion, the delicate scent of rose for your hands, for your skin the gentleness of honey.

Nature has its own laws and day after day your hands face its challenges as time passes. It is easier to prevent ageing than to repair it. An effective daily treatment is essential. Using Hyalomiel generously throughout the year gives your hands the freshness and the elasticity of youth.

Hyalomiel beautifully moisturizes, soothes and refreshes. No synthetic process can replace the natural benefits of our organic honey that constitutes your Hyalomiel. For men and women. Hyalomiel is a gel, non greasy, that does not stain and without parabens. Recent dermatological tests clearly demonstrate its effectiveness. Tested under dermatological control.

Advice for use
Use a small quantity and massage delicately into your hands or your feer. Your skin will be instantly moisturized, smoothed, softened and relaxed. Its delicate perfume brings you comfort and freshness.
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