Jacques Zolty

Ombrella Crash - Eau de Parfum


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Ombrella Crash - Eau de Parfum by Jacques Zolty

OMBRELLA CRASH (Eng. "Umbrella crash") is proof that Saint Barth is an island full of joie de vivre. The islanders are making a little fun of the tourists who are struggling desperately to open an umbrella when a tropical storm suddenly hits. The island responds with the power of nature…

The fragrance is an invitation to trust your instinct, think outside the box and consciously break your habits. He encourages us to go new ways, which we discover when we look at the horizon from a completely new perspective.

“When the clouds are dark, the islanders rush into the houses to enjoy the natural spectacle from inside. The wind whistles furiously and the sea howls: all of a sudden people realize that they are not in command. After the storm, a gentle calm sets in. The smell of wet leaves and damp earth is in the air. The flowers are ready to bloom with the first rays of sunshine. Nature is flirting again and the locals are smiling. ”
                       Jacques Zolty

Olfactory family: Floral Fruity
Top note: pink pepper, kiwi, rhubarb
Heart note: jasmine, cyclamen, maritime notes, coral, watermelon
Base note: musk, sandalwood, lemon tree


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