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Korrigan - Eau de Parfum

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Korrigan - Eau de Parfum

The magician of the caramel forest
The Brittany countryside by night is home to the Korrigan spirits that come to harvest juniper berries and cobnuts. Then, in their dark caves, they distil barley into spellbinding spirits, spicing them with saffron, musking them with ambrette, and scenting them with lavender. During the solstice celebrations, they drink their elixirs from leather pouches, causing bodies and souls to capsize.

A Korrigan is a mythical creature that haunts the moors of Brittany, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, transporting us into the folklore and legends of Celtic civilization. Korrigans guard the secret recipes for elixirs offered as libations at the Beltane and Samhain festivals to celebrate the change of seasons, when strong beverages are consumed on the bleak moorlands. Whisky is one of these, in the form of a smooth, fragrant cream liqueur, accentuated by a counterpoint of Oudh accord, hinting at dark caves where secrets lie hidden. Korrigan is a fragrance of pleasure and of Epicureanism, the unrestrained desire to taste the skin of the beloved.

Olfactory Family: Oriental Vanilla
Top Note:
Juniper berry, saffron, cognac
Heart Note: Lavender, ambrette, whisky distillate
Base Note: Cedar, oud, leather, vetiver, musk

Perfumer: Thomas Fontaine

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