Marc-Antoine Barrois

B683 Candle N°VI - Limited Edition

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750 g

Limited Edition - B683 Candle N°VI by Marc-Antoine Barrois

Marc-Antoine Barrois and perfumer Quentin Bisch have again joined forces in this adventure to create a warm and authentic candle, like the designer’s boutique in Paris located at N°6 rue de Budapest. For Marc-Antoine Barrois, a candle is another way of experiencing a fragrance every day. With this scented candle, he wanted to fill his couture house with memories of his childhood. This candle plunges us into a leathery atmosphere, dense and enticing, and balanced by the golden lights of cistus-labdanum. A comfortable scent that is shimmering and alive with the spicy notes of cumin and saffron. There is also a fruity hint, tasting like peach and plum which lights up this harmony of amber and wood in which sandalwood and patchouli scents unite.

This limited edition comes with 3 wicks and and a gorgeous gold coating inside.

Olfactory Family: leather
The candles are made in Provence, France.

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