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Emotional Drop - EdP

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100 ml

Emotional Drop by Mark Buxton | Eau de Parfum

My heart Scalded by love… she left in a whisper…
Feeling like an acrobat, perched over the emptiness, one foot steadying on the tightrope of life…
Enriching the line with a new masculine offer.

Olfactory description: The vetiver, subtle and agile, comes to the rescue with its comforting sensuality. „Vetiver is my fetish raw material and an obvious choice for the fragrance!“ Emotional Drop combines its earthy, root like aspect as a coming back to origins, to your centre… and its creamy, powdery and woody sensuality. Vetiver is powerful, delicate and noble… a true rescue giving strength and kindness.
Enhancing, in the base note, by a woody balsamic comfort… Balancing between the elegant beauty of flowers - Iris and Rose… and an explosive mix of gooseberry and violet leaves.

Olfactory Family: Woody Floral Musk
Top note: Neroli, Violet leaves, Gooseberry
Heart note: Orris, Rose, Cassis Flower
Base note: Vetiver oil, Sandalwood, Fir balsam


About Mark Buxton
Born in England, he grew up close to Hamburg and fell in love with Paris over 20 years ago.

Mark Buxton is above all a hedonist, wine connoisseur, talented cook, with a passion for antiques, especially for art deco style.

Perfumer-Creator – more over than 25 years of experience in the Fine Fragrance Creation – he collaborated with international leading fragrance houses.

He designed for the biggest luxurious brands such as Givenchy, Versace, Van Cleef & Arpels, Paco Rabanne, Lagerfeld, Burberrys, Cartier, Chopard, Ferré…

His daring handwriting was discovered when he created the first Comme des Garçons Fragrance. After, he was quickly recognized in the “Haute Parfumerie” and participated to artistic projects such as MoslBuddjewChirstHinDao, a “Unifaith” fragrance, “Whole lot of non-scents” book by Chandler Burr.

Since Mark has dedicated his talent for the niche perfumery. He has collaborated with several brands such as Riaz Danz Perfumes, Elternhaus, Wiener Blut (A must try brand), Linari perfumes, House of sillage, Zoe Karssen, Brooklyn Soap company, Verdúu perfumes, Folie à plusieurs, Romy Kowalewski 2787 Perfumes Barcelona, Le Labo, Comme des Garçons, Renegades, Thorsten Biehl Kunstwerke and Calé Perfumes. He also created the perfume “L’air de Panache” for the Wes Anderson’s movy “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.

We here at Balduin used to be absolutely obsessed with Comme des Garçons WHITE for about 10 years. So we are super happy that we now have his personal line on our shelfs. Mark Buxton created with his own brand a modern classics that needs to be discovered by scent aficionados.

We can´t wait what Mark Buxton and David Chieze have planned for the future!

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