Mirko Buffini

NO.31 – Eau de Parfum

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NO.31 – Eau de Parfum by Mirko Buffini

The bulgarian uniqueness of an indivisible prime number, as an opoponax, at the gates of dream, observes, with no veils, with the lonely and meridian eye of the cernaut, the exclusivity of its musky world. An addictive and damascene citrusy fragrance originating, from the sweet chant of cinnamon.

Thirty-one. prime number: the uniqueness par excellence! By definition an arab number dividable by one and itself. Arcane number used to look around shrugging the shoulders, aways placed over the elsewhere, beyond the clichés, where there is already some other number like him, but not all.

Japanese feudal lords, since medieval times, made it their own waka syllabic result: five verses in rhymes composed following the numeration 5 7 5 7 7.

31 syllables to conform a poetic lyric. The first 17 of introduction nature, the next 14 to define a gerundial possibility: no. 31.

warm, spicy and balsamic
Olfactory Family: Oriental

Head notes: notes of citrus, lavender, brandy, chocolate
Heart notes: bulgarian rose, benzoin resinoid, vanilla, cinnamon
Base notes: patchouli, opoponax, sweet woods, white musk, amber, vetiver

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