holy_wood - Eau de Parfum

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holy_wood - Eau de Parfum

Clearwood® The very first fragrance ingredient designed through White Biotechnology, Clearwood® is the 21st century’s answer to patchouli. Developed in California for Firmenich, this sustainable, eco-friendly material is derived from the fermentation of sugar cane. Blurring the boundary between the natural and the man-made, the pioneering Clearwood® ushers in a new age for perfumery.

The Scent: Glam Wood In a neo-stalgic tribute to 1970s California, holy_wood celebrates both the New Age spiritual awakening of the era and the creative explosion of the New Hollywood cinema movement. Just as technical innovations allowed young directors like Scorsese or Altman to reinvent American cinematography, master perfumer Frank Voelkl uses cuttingedge materials to create a luminous modern version of the signature accord of that decade: rose and patchouli. Shorn of its musty facets, the latter reincarnates as the ethereal Clearwood®. Rose Petal Nature Print®, an airy “capture” of flower’s scent, breathes life into the classic note, sprinkled with sparkling pink pepper SFE*. Two floral divas, Bulgarian rose and jasmine sambac, add a touch of Golden-Age Hollywood glamour to the streamlined blend, on a bed of mystical sandalwood and luxurious suede. Turn on, tune in, waft out!

THE PERFUMER: Frank Voelkl

Olfactory Family: Chypre Floral

Wood Floral 
Pink Pepper SFE
Bulgarian Rose 
Jasmin Sambac 

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