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Sweet Leave - Eau de Parfum

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100 ml
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Sweet Leave - Eau de Parfum by Room 1015

Sweet Leave is a fresh, tart cannabis fragrance that is second to none. Grapefruit and eucalyptus provide freshness, while Jasmin and Angelica Root create lightness and a skilful cannabis accord takes us on an unreal journey like an intoxication. A balanced cannabis scent with a lot of depth.

Dr. Mike - Founder of Room 15:
“Historically cannabis has been used to induce spiritual experiences and inner travel. It’s that part of 1960’s counterculture movement which has evolved into its own language, art, literature and music. The very act of smoking a joint has deep symbolism. To put it bluntly, the fragrance SWEET LEAF will make you fly high.”

Olfactory Family: Aromatic Citrus
Top notes: Grapefruit, Eucalyptus
Heart notes: Cannabis, Angelica Root, Turpentine
Base notes: Jasmin, Cashmeran Wood, Patchouli

Perfumer: Serge De Oliveira

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