Floratropia perfumes - The new natural in perfumery

Floratropia perfumes - The new natural in perfumery

Floratropia - The new natural in perfumery

The sparrows are already whistling it from the roofs. More and more perfume brands entering the market rely on natural ingredients. We would like to present a great brand that is new to our range here at balduin.

The young brand Floratropia was founded in 2020 by Karine Torrent. Karine is not new to the industry, having worked in marketing for major players such as Guerlain, Yves Rocher and Puig.

Basically, the idea of ​​a 100% natural and vegan perfume is nothing new - it's actually a big trend in the current perfume landscape. But it's more the smaller brands like 100BON, or the manufacturers of natural ingredients like Robertet who dare to challenge the status quo with their own niche brands.

Floaratropia has gone even further than all previous predecessors. Uncompromising choices, a disruptive packaging concept to minimize the environmental impact, a selection of exclusively natural and vegan raw materials (some even of organic origin) ... Floratropia wants to be an alternative in the highly codified world of perfumes. According to creator Karine Torrent, the idea is simply to bring a wild touch back to perfumery, reconnecting with the beauty of nature and with materials rooted in the earth.

Delphine Thierry

The meeting with the perfumer Delphine Thierry was ultimately decisive. "She showed me that it is possible to create perfumes that are both 100% natural and exceptional," says Karine Torrent.

Delphine Thierry is known in the world of perfumes for her extraordinary creations with only natural ingredients. You have already impressively staged your sensuous handwriting for the House of Lubin. Creations such as Akkad or Princess de Malabar became absolute top sellers.

Floratropia Le Ciel

The five Floratropia fragrances are based on Robertet's portfolio of natural raw materials, with some beautiful innovations, such as the use of Hedychium, whose cultivation in Madagascar offers farmers additional income. “The choice of raw materials is both artistic and ethical,” emphasizes Karine Torrent. "We wanted perfumes that were connected to our earth.

"We wanted perfumes that grow in the ground to give perspective to perfume plants and growers."

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