Quentin Bisch – the modern scent conductor

Quentin Bisch – the modern scent conductor

Quentin Bisch has become one of the big players in the industry. Listening to him wax lyrical about scents, you can sense his fervent passion for this art form. His career path is also rather atypical for a perfumer as he first studied music and then became the creative director of a theater ensemble. A short internship in Grasse is enough for him to find his true passion. He then graduated from the well-known Givaudan Perfumery School.

Since then, Quentin has been churning out bestsellers like Mugler's Angel Muse or 1 Million by Paco Rabanne. However, his best creations can be found in niche perfumery and in successful collaborations with brands such as Marc-Antoine Barrois, Essential Parfums, Etat Libre d'Orange to name a few. The creative Freedom given by these brands seems to work great for the creations of Quentin. 

He creates perfumes the same way he creates a play. A brilliant idea is followed by carefully planned acts and a well-chosen ensemble. Discover with us perfumes by Marc-Antoine Barrois, Etat Libre d'Orange, and Essential Parfums, all of which are among his best creations.

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