Our top 10 men's fragrances 2022/23

Our top 10 men's fragrances 2022/23

Our top 10 men's fragrances 2022/23 - the best men's perfumes for every type 

The fragrance is a man's special accessory. It surrounds him with a subtle message and also in a certain way allows conclusions to be drawn about who he is. Our top 10 men's fragrances include fresh, sporty, aromatic, spicy-woody and heavy compositions. But they have one thing in common: they are all compliment getters and bring with them the necessary individuality that a man is looking for.

Be inspired by our top 10 fragrances and give your loved one or yourself the gift of individuality and elegance.

1. Ganymede – Marc-Antoine Barrois

This fragrance by Marc-Antoine Barrois is probably one of the most interesting compositions of the last 5 years. The composition is so unusual in its DNA that it became an instant best-seller. Notes of saffron, tangerine, violet, osmanthus as well as woody and mineral notes were composed into a masterpiece by Quentin Bisch.

Ganymede by Marc-Antoine Barrois

2. Unheimlich - WienerBlut

With this fragrance, the name (eng. uncanny) says it all. The fragrance is initially intangible, mysterious and mystical. After some time it develops very clean, clear - a bit like a classic eau de cologen - but with a very modern DNA created by Mark Buxton and David Chieze. New and Unique. Dark, light, innocent, wicked, unsettling but also calming - a perfume that doesn't fit into any common category.

3. Vetiris-Lubin Paris

Lubin is arguably one of the greatest historical brands (since 1798) revived by Gilles Thévenin. Vetiris is a classic gentleman. A composition composed around the fragrance vetiver, this fragrance has a very strong masculine aura. Simple and classic, fresh and woody. Vetiris combines everything to please. An ideal fragrance for the office.

4. Sancti - Liquides Imaginaires

Liquid Imaginaires is known for their mystical perfume creations. Sancti is an frankincense fragrance that gets a nice freshness and lightness with citrus fruits such as grapefruit and bergamot and fresh aromatic nuances of coriander, pink pepper or fir balsam. different woods and grasses provide the male DNA of the fragrance.

5. Sweet Leave - Room 1015

Cannabis perfumes have certainly been trending for the last two years. Many brands have launched their version of the "weed" scent. My youth was also shaped by the scent of the Dutch herbs. But I didn't find a really good authentic weed smell until Sweet Leave by Room 1015 came across. This cannabis accord delivers on its promise. Nuances of grapefruit, eucalyptus, angelica and others create the perfect cannabis perfume. For all those who are looking for the "Real Deal".

6. Mr. Vetiver - Une Nuit Nomad

Mr. Vetiver is one of my favorite scents ever. This fragrance introduced me to the world of niche fragrances around 7 years ago. The story of the fragrance tells of lush greenery of Bali. Aromatic vetiver paired with green, fresh and aromatic notes. The scent immediately reminded me of the song "Surabaya Johnny" by Berthold Brecht. It invites you to dream.

7. Jasmine Patchouli - Marie Jeanne

The name of this fragrance from the relatively new brand Marie Jeanne says it all. The light white-flowery aromas of jasmine meet the earthy and intense quality of patchouli. In the simplicity of this fragrance is its quality. The highest quality of ingredients guarantees a great experience. No wonder, behind this brand is the company Robertet, which is known for its high quality natural ingredients for the perfume industry. An absolute must.

8. Encelade - Marc-Antoine Barrois

The last of the bunch is Encelade. Powerful and intense. The third perfume by Marc-Antoine Barrois is again a creation of Quentin Bisch, the nose behind the first two fragrances, B683 and Ganymede. This fragrance is so unusual that we couldn't classify it at first. But that is not necessary either, because this fragrance is in a league of its own. Woody, fruity rhubarb, milky sandalwood. Mysterious primal juice. Nothing for everyday use as the scent is very intense and has a very long sillage. This fragrance must be in the perfume collection.

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