The perfect summer scent!

The perfect summer scent!

These three scents from our collection are worth the try.

Neroli is the light summer scent you should consider wearing.
The English family-owned brand Czech & Speake has mastered the classic cologne by using the blossom of bitter orange and also the cest in combination with an lovely ylang ylang accord. They created a fragrance as sophisticated as it is singular. Elegant, rich and refined, this is a light breezy scent that suits you well in the summer months.

Unisex: Czech & Speake Neroli

Alt-Innsbruck Eau de Cologne – a great old fashioned fresh cologneThis Eau de Cologne has a particularly cooling and refreshing effect. Its traditional, masculine scent is especially appreciated by tobacco lovers. It is the result of a simple recipe of menthol and Virginia tobacco from 1953, which is still used today.

For Him: Alt-Innsbruck Eau de Cologne

Klubwasser by WienerBlut - A green spicy Regency Era GentlemanThe famous Regency era men like the Duke of Wellington, Lord Byron or - of course - Beau Brummell would have really enjoyed this perfume. It´s lovely fresh spicy green notes are well balanced and remindes us of a cool morning forest in spring. Works wonders for the modern gentleman.

For Him: Wiener Blut Klubwasser

enjoy the summer,!

best, Willem

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