Enchanting floral scents

Enchanting floral scents

Summer is the time of Florals.
In perfumery, floral scents are probably among the most sensual olfactory experiences! No wonder that they enchant us every time new. The family of floral scents is a large family, both in terms of tradition and number of family members. The floral notes form the largest fragrance reservoir in perfumery. Their ability to combine with each other creates a huge cosmos of olfactory worlds. From beguiling fragrances such as immortelle to fresh and clear notes such as jasmine or neroli.

We have put together for you 5 fragrances that are some of our favorites of this category.

01. Fleur de Fleur from Une Nuit a Bali
Inspired by the scents of the island of Bali, this perfume convinces with a superbly balanced combination of jasmine, ylang-ylang and tuberose. Fresh and beguiling at the same time.

> Fleur de Fleur

02. Nightingale of Zoologist
A wonderfully sensual chypre. This fragrance captures the Japanese spring. A pink sea of ​​flowers and plum blossoms spreads good mood. A fragrance that puts a smile on your face.

> Nightingale

03. Message in a perfume by Mark Buxton
The master of the olfactory surprise has created with this fragrance an ode to the floral scent itself. The individual ingredients have been precisely composed to a balanced narcotic explosion of the senses. Notes of ylang-ylang, magnolia, neroli, jasmine and others create the perfect floral. Attention! Absolutely addictive!

> Message in a Perfume

04. Elixir de Bomb of 2787 perfumes
Another fragrance from master perfumer Mark Buxton. Complex, beguiling and with a "wow effect". A sparkling tangerine, red pepper and pungent ginger along with the notes of the stone rose and raspberry, give the sweetish caramel in the base the right bite, making elixir de bombe a true elixir that could not be more exclusive in its composition.

> Elixir de Bomb

This flowery chypre celebrates tuberose, a lush flower that blooms only at night. OH+DENIM captivates with dazzling clarity; a bright and exquisite bouquet of white musk - used wisely - meets a green-floral chord of neroli, tuberose and ylang-ylang. Perfect for hot summer days.



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